In the weeks since we gave away that first jersey to Patches, Jungjohann has been frustratingly noncommittal about whether he’ll allow us to distribute his goods. “I’m still waiting to hear for sure” from South Florida’s homeless agencies, he explains in an endlessly affable tone. He won’t fathom that he’s been stiffed with a garage full of semiworthless sports gear..

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The couple see their partnership as one for life. “I feel incredibly lucky that I’ve found a relationship which has the stability of a marriage but which enables me to find my independence,” says Julia. “I love my home,” says Glen, “and I’m secure in a loving relationship.

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wholesale jerseys According to a report by WLRN National Public Radio South Florida affiliate the closest any venue came to hosting a capacity crowd during the inaugural tournament was at Sun Life Stadium (soccer capacity: about 70,000) in Miami and it was still a couple thousand shy. The final between Real Madrid and Chelsea and third place game between the LA Galaxy and AC Milan were played back to back and drew 67,273 fans. There were tens of thousands of empty seats at Sun Life and other stadiums around the country during the earlier rounds of the tournament wholesale jerseys.


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