I was listening to Clark Howard the other day.  He was talking about his electric car and how he’s “freeloading” on the roads.  I love Clark and I think he gives great advice, so it “got me to thinkin’.” Clark and I work for the same company and I exchanged a couple of emails with him on the subject of who pays for infrastructure for roads as we get away from gasoline and the gasoline tax becomes obsolete.  Clark asked his listeners what they think about how to pay for roads. Then, we got on the subject of solar.

That exchange made me think about the solar debate in Georgia. Somebody has to provide the infrastructure for power.  By law, where Georgia Power or the EMCs serve there has to be infrastructure there whether you use it or not. Whether it’s roads or power, someone has to pay for the infrastructure–and ultimately it’s going to be you.

Right now, roadways are funded through fuel tax.  It’s a social compact of sorts. The more you drive, the more you pay (in fuel tax), but in the end, everyone pays who uses the roads. Then came the electric car. 

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