The mainstream media can’t figure out why Americans won’t get on the “global warming” train or why the whole nation isn’t obsessed with Chris Christie and “Bridgegate” or even come to grips with why consumers didn’t spend themselves silly during the Christmas season.

What they don’t get is that most Americans apply common sense and their real life experiences when evaluating issues or ideas. And often they are confused by much of the “official” news they read or hear.

One example can be found in the endless chorus of news reports heralding our nation’s great economic recovery. They are hearing it, but they are not feeling it. Expectations were that the public would go on a spending spree during the holidays. That didn’t happen

The public was in no mood to spend as freely as expected in part due to economic uncertainty stirred up by concerns over what their cost of health insurance might be in the coming months and years, under the Affordable Care Act. Their question likely was “Affordable for who and when?”


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