By InsiderAdvantage Staff

With last week’s winter storm, the legislature lost crucial days in what was already set to be a very short session. So with so much time already gone, what’s happening at the Gold Dome this week?

* Limited Medical Marijuana: While some legislators have their doubts, there is momentum behind the effort to allow prescriptions for what would be essentially a liquid form of marijuana for children with persistent seizures, and a few other serious medical issues. Chances of passage this session: High. (Oops!)

* Extended Gun Carry Bill: Won’t pass this year in a form that would allow weapons on college campuses, but an abridged version still has legs. Chances of a passage this session: High

* Change in Medical Malpractice (creation of Workers Comp-type Board): Had some momentum going into the session, but its fate was sealed when damaging mail pieces were sent out in the districts of longtime tort-reform proponents such as Sen. Jud Hill. Chances of passage this session: Zero; and possibly no better in the future because of harsh advocacy methods by its proponents.

* New Cities in DeKalb: Could still happen, but the Lakeside bill is stuck in Senate Rules, the Tucker bill is stuck in the House, and the Briarcliff bill is who knows where. With little GOP desire for a partisan battle with DeKalb’s Jason Carter in the gubernatorial race, the chances of passage for any of these proposed cities may be moderate at best.

* Legislation to Require This and That For Winter Emergencies: Proposed gimmicky solutions will come quickly, but expect Gov. Nathan Deal and GOP leaders to control this stage.


And coming from InsiderAdvantage, publisher of James magazine: Look for statewide polling that explores everything from approval ratings to the Winter Olympics. All this week.


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