There’s not much time before the May 20 Republican U.S. Senate primary, but for David Perdue, 30 seconds might have been enough. That’s how long that two of the wealthy businessman’s campaign TV ads last. And it’s largely those two commercials that have vaulted Perdue into the lead in the GOP field, despite his being a political unknown.

Right now – just eight weeks from the primary – the presumed least-known of the major Republican candidates is actually the best-known. If nothing else, it proves once again that media ads, with their bumper-sticker simplicity on issues, may be the single most important factor in most political elections.

Perdue’s ads depict his major primary opponents as crying babies – established politicians who can’t get along and can’t get anything done. And that summarizes Perdue’s campaign theme: He’s the can-do, get-it-done businessman who will go to Washington and sluice out the pigsty. 

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