The good folks over at Rosetta Stone Communications have released a new poll today showing David Perdue and Karen Handel leading the pack heading into the May 20th primary.  Congressman Jack Kingston, despite a barrage of ads in the past week from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has fallen out of the margin of error and is appears solidly in third place.  The poll, which, (full disclosure) was conducted on behalf of Handel’s campaign, has a +-3.6% margin of error.

These numbers are consistent with the poll we at InsiderAdvantage ran last week, which showed Karen Handel moving up into position to make the runoff and Jack Kingston sliding back to third.

Kingston, perhaps targeting older voters with his folksy ads featuring his beat up old station wagon, is losing that battle to David Perdue who leads all candidates with voters over the age of 65.  Handel’s surge can be attributed to her lead in the metro area and with voters aged 40-64.

It will be interesting to see how, if at all, Kingston’s campaign reacts to these numbers and if it changes his strategy in the two weeks before the primary.

Poll results are below:


David Perdue – 23.1%

Karen Handel – 21%

Jack Kingston – 15.1

Paul Broun – 8.6%

Phil Gingrey – 8.5%

Undecided – 20.1%



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