With just over a week to go before the May 20th primary, the latest batch of fundraising numbers are in for the GOP field.

Jack Kingston – $291,000 in contributions, (in the past month) $1.3 million on hand

David Perdue – $219,000 in contributions, $476,000 on hand

Karen Handel – $135,000 in contributions, $337,000 on hand

Paul Broun – $142,000 in contributions, $180,000 on hand

Phil Gingrey – $78,000 in contributions, $1.2 million on hand


Jack Kingston still leads the pack in terms of fundraising, a fact which should play in his favor as he sprints to the finish.  David Perdue poured in around $1 million of his own money in April, and should have enough left in the tank to secure a spot in the primary.  Look for Karen Handel to spend all that she can to try and capitalize off the momentum she has gained as of late.  Broun had a solid fundraising month, but is low on cash overall and looks like a pretty extreme longshot to make the primary.  Gingrey is inexplicably still sitting on a mountain of cash but is lagging so far behind in the polls that it probably won’t matter.  Still, he could play a role here with all his money should he decide to go negative on one of the other candidates.


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