Election Day is Upon Us

Months and months of fundraising and campaigning, tv spots and robo-calls, bickering over the accuracy of polls and leaping on the gaffes of candidates, all come to an ‘end’ tonight.  For most candidates, a ship they may or may not have realized was drifting has now taken on too much water to stay afloat, while for others a night of celebration provides only a brief respite before what is inevitably an even rougher runoff period.  Everyone who has watched and debated, cheered and booed, donated and gone door to door, will bask in the glow of victory or feel the sharp pang of defeat.  They say only 10-15% of registered voters in the state will make it to the ballot box today, but for those of us who have been paying attention it’s a day of excitement that can only be described as FLOATING…


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