The Senate race that should mean so much seems to mean so little. The Congressional races are yawners for the most part and who knows who’s running for most of the commission and council races? What is going on???

Voter turnout is down for several reasons this cycle. A much earlier voting date is clearly impacting the public’s attention to this year’s races. It’s not a Presidential election year and that always hurts turnout. We’re seeing some of the same folks running for office now that we did years ago. They’re good qualified candidates that can go to work immediately with no learning curve…and still no real buzz about this primary, the runoffs or the big one in November.

When one looks at this election cycle it’s easy to see where we may have missed some of the signs that voters were becoming apathetic. Ralph Reed spoke at the Georgia Center Right Coalition meeting last week and reminded us that not only did a lot of conservative voters stay home in the last Presidential election but even Barack Obama received possibly ten million fewer votes than he did when he took office. What’s up with that? Despite an increase of more than eight million eligible voters over 2008 the overall turnout in 2012 was down 5%. Some 93 million eligible citizens didn’t take the time to vote. The youth vote, the Hispanic vote and yes the Black vote were all down for a Presidential election so shouldn’t we have expected the lousy showing so far this year? 

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