Henry County will soon be one of the first counties in Georgia to offer self-service kiosks for taxpayer use simplifying the tax payment process. Henry Tax Commissioner David Curry is very excited to announce that he will be installing up to three Kiosks in areas within Henry County. These areas are in the outskirts of the county and will allow taxpayers to renew their Motor Vehicle registrations or Insurance Lapse fees in the convenience of a store they are already visiting. The new system will be similar to the Redbox machines in that a taxpayer will be able to use his tag number, VIN or driver’s license number to look up their registration. He will then follow the instructions, renew the registration and pay with a credit or debit card. Upon approval, a new registration will print with the new sticker which can be placed on the vehicle immediately. This will give the Henry County taxpayer the opportunity to pay their taxes when their schedule allows without wasting time standing in line at the tax office. No more “Closed” signs because the system will be ready when the taxpayer is! There’s even the added benefit that at some point there will be cross-county registration. Boat owners will one day be able to renew their boat tax right before slipping it into the water! 

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