Late yesterday afternoon President Barack Obama asked Congress to quickly approve supplemental legislation for almost $4 billion to address the sudden influx of illegal child migrants flooding across our southern borders. Georgia is a destination for some of the children and they are already arriving by the thousands.

How much? That’s right $4,000,000,000.00, or a whopping $569,000.00 and change per child. I put all those zeros in to remind the reader just how much we’re being asked to pay plus interest, because we borrow or create every penny in circulation from nothing and immediately start the interest clock ticking.

Georgia attorney Rebecca Salmon runs the Access to Law Foundation, a non-profit that represents children that arrive in America alone. According to Salmon “they’ve been showing up in Atlanta for about a month and a half.”

President Obama believes this to be a Republican problem due to the failure of the House to pass a “comprehensive immigration reform bill” that he could sign. Amazingly he seems to have forgotten that for the early portion of his first term the Democrat party controlled all three branches of government and somehow the problem still exists.


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