It is an issue that has the potential to bludgeon our economy and hit home as hard as any issue discussed today– and the Left knows it. No, I’m not talking about Obamacare. I’m talking about energy freedom and the lengths that the Left is going to in order to shut down opposition to its plans.


On July 29, Americans for Prosperity Georgia is hosting our “Stop The EPA Power Grab” rally ( for details) at noon in Atlanta in front of the Sam Nunn Federal Building. This is at the epicenter of the national fight for energy freedom– the Environmental Protection Agency’s public hearings on President Barack Obama’s proposed carbon dioxide reduction rules.


The EPA is worried that activists will show up en masse at the Atlanta energy freedom rally and shine a national spotlight on these disastrous proposed energy rules. Just this week, however, Kentucky resident Alex DeSha was making arrangements for about 50 Kentuckians to attend when he found out their driver’s licenses wouldn’t be accepted as identification.


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