Note: In an earlier version of this story we stated that the fine was against Attorney General Sam Olens, when in fact it was against the office of the Attorney General and not Sam Olens himself.  We apologize for the error. 


The latest twist in the story involving the state ethics office and Governor Nathan Deal saw the Georgia Department of Law and ethics chair Holly LaBerge each receive a $10,000 fine for failing to provide evidence to former ethics director Stacey Kalberman during LaBerge’s lawsuit against the state earlier this year.

The fine, levied by Fulton County Superior Judge Ural Glanville, is for LaBerge and the Department neglecting to turn over text messages between the ethics chair and aides of Governor Deal in 2012.

LaBerge’s lawyer was quick to strike back, saying that the decision to withold documents came directly from the office of the Attorney General and thus it should have been only them who were sanctioned. 

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