The Georgia Democrat Party, chaired by former state legislator Dubose Porter, is attempting to use the shooting death of a black man in Ferguson, Missouri, by a white police officer to get angry blacks to the polls in what senior Fox News correspondent Brit Hume labels “crude race-baiting.” (Never mind that the release of Michael Brown’s autopsy supports the policeman’s testimony that an argument occurred inside the police car as the officer struggled with the 6’8” tall, 300-pounder for the policeman’s gun.)

A party mailer is using images from the Ferguson protests, prompted by the shooting of Brown, including a photo of two black children holding up signs saying “Don’t Shoot.” Democrat Party official Michael Smith lauds this propaganda by saying they are using the shooting to invigorate voters to go to the polls, which he claims is “positive.” The Democrats’ mailer tells the reader that “if you wish to prevent another Ferguson in (your) future then VOTE: It’s up to you to make change happen.”

In circles I travel, many people who are essentially apolitical or rarely utter a controversial opinion say they are becoming totally alienated and disgusted with such naked racial appeals. 

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