Now that the dust has settled from the U.S. Senate candidate debate sponsored by the Atlanta Press Club, one factor has clearly emerged: Libertarian Party candidate Amanda Swafford is in over her head when it comes to addressing specific public policy solutions. She has been polling at around 4 percent. After this latest lackluster performance, it is conceivable that she has lost thousands of potential votes– with the defections going to Republican David Perdue. By any objective measure, Perdue gave a far more persuasive libertarian (with a small “l”) case for limited government, less regulation, less taxes and more liberty than Swafford did. (And libertarian Republican Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., is pointedly endorsing Perdue, not Swafford.) In a close race, defections from Swafford to Perdue are crucial.

Democrat Michelle Nunn slugged it out with Perdue on key domestic issues, and vice versa. Both gave as good as they got, so the debate could be considered a draw. Perdue took the opportunity, however, to finally and effectively counter the repeated allegation in Nunn TV ads that he “outsourced” jobs as a businessman.

Perdue stressed that he produced far more jobs when he was CEO of Dollar General and other companies than were lost. He differentiated between “outsourcing” products overseas as opposed to jobs overseas. The Republican also made an interesting observation: If elected he would be “only one of 10 people in the U.S. Senate with any business experience.” 

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