10:46pm: And it’s official – both the races for Governor and U.S. Senate have been called in favor of the Republican candidates.  A long night for Democrats in Georgia, (and across the entire country, really).  Congratulations to Nathan Deal and David Perdue.


10:20pm: Not that it’s much of a surprise to anyone, but Republicans will officially retain control of the U.S. House of Representatives.  The news that John Barrow has lost to opponent Rick Allen in CD12 will help that cause.

In Cobb County the proposed SPLOST renewal holds to a very slim lead with more votes to be counted.


9:50pm: InsiderAdvantage projects Perdue, Deal victory with no runoff.  While many votes remain uncounted, samples from key precincts throughout the state suggest that both governor Nathan Deal and David Perdue will win their respective races Tuesday night.  While uncounted votes in DeKalb and other major counties may narrow the margins, the percentages for both Carter and Nunn are not strong enough in other metro counties to force either Deal or Perdue into runoffs.  Added to this is the underperformance of the two Libertarians, which increases the probability of Deal and Perdue victories.


9:32pm: No surprises expected in Georgia’s Congressional races outside of CD12, where Rick Allen looks poised to pull the upset.  Barrow’s run coming to an end would be a bad sign for Nunn and Carter, who continue to trail.  They’re going to need big time help from DeKalb and Fulton, (and perform well in Cobb) if either candidate has any hope of extending their race.


9:08pm: InsiderAdvantage believes that if strong voter turnout trends continue in key Republican counties, Gov. Nathan Deal and US Senate candidate David Perdue will win without a runoff.

Low Libertarian numbers not helping the Democrats’ cause.


9:00pm: 35 counties fully reporting; Gov. Nathan Deal leads Jason Carter 58%-40%, David Perdue leads Michelle Nunn 58%-40%.  Biggest Metro Atlanta counties just starting to report, this one could go late.  One possible indicator – Peach County, which went for Obama in 2012, has gone for David Perdue today.

Rick Allen looks to have a great shot at securing the victory over John Barrow in CD 12 with 10 of 19 counties reporting and Allen holding onto a 58%-42% lead.


8:34pm: Perdue and Carter still up big, expect metro votes to start rolling in soon and tighten the races.  Looking down the ballot, Republican Rick Allen leads incumbent John Barrow (D) in the battle for CD 12 59.44% to 46.56%.  Still a long ways to go in that race as well, but once again the GOP has to be feeling confident, if not comfortable with their leads.

Another out of state race of note; in Arkansas Tom Cotton (R) defeated incumbent Mark Pryor (D).  Look out for Cotton, a shooting star in the GOP, in coming years.


8:o9pm: Republican candidates as expected have built a steady lead in early returns from two counties.

In the U.S. Senate race, Republican David Perdue shortly before 8 p.m. opened a 56.60 to 41.95 percent lead over Democrat Michelle Nunn. Libertarian Amanda Swafford showed 1.46 percent.

Incumbent Republican Gov. Nathan Deal leads Democrat Jason Carter 55.93 percent to 42.25 percent, while Libertarian Andrew Hunt totaled 1.81 percent.

In the closely watched 12th District congressional race, GOP challenger Rick Allen leads Democratic incumbent John Barrow 59.81 percent to 40.19 percent.

State school superintendent candidate Richard Woods, a Republican, leads Democrat Valarie Wilson 58.39 to 41.61.

All results are from the GA SOS website.


7:58pm: 1.26% of counties reporting, and the big hitters, (Fulton, Cobb, DeKalb) have yet to report anything.  But the Deal and Perdue camps are pleased with the turnout thus far in South Georgia, where numbers are up from 2010 and 2012.

Biggest story thus far from outside the state is from Virginia, where Republican Ed Gillespie leads incumbent Democrat Mark Warner in a race that was considered an easy win for Warner a month ago.


7:26pm: With 12 of 156 counties partially reported, Perdue and Deal hold leads.  Stay tuned.


7:08pm: Early exit polls from CNN reporting a runoff is likely in the Georgia Senate race; shaping up to be a long night in the Peach State.


7:00pm: Polls have closed in 6 states, including Georgia, and while we don’t yet have any results here, both Republican Senators in South Carolina have had their races called as victories, as has Republican Governor Nikki Haley.  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also had his race in Kentucky called as a victory just moments after 7:00, he will certainly be looking on for the rest of the evening as he hopes for a potential job promotion to Majority Leader by the end of the night.


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