Analysis by Matt Towery, Founder InsiderAdvantage

With just days to go, two of the most controversial issues remaining in this year’s legislative session are how to fund transportation in Georgia and whether to make a liquid form of medical marijuana legal. With adept handling, both should be capable of passage without much fear of any negative political repercussions for those who vote to support these efforts.

First, transportation. It has been my fairly often stated opinion that the messaging of Georgia’s transportation needs has been poor if not disastrous for quite some time. The fiasco that was the 2012 T-SPLOST effort proved that. Those asking for a funding bill from the legislature this year seemed destined to fall into the same messaging trap. The public has told us in one opinion survey after another that they do not care about expanding business in Georgia by increasing the amount we spend on transportation. In fact, they really don’t care much about “improving” transportation at all.

Arguments of traffic relief or economic development have missed the issues that actually move public opinion on the matter of funding transportation. 

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