Just as the majority Republican caucuses in the state House and Senate split into two factions – one favoring gasoline excise tax increase legislation and the other opposed— so, too, are Republicans divided on the issuance of so-called “privileged” driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. (The Department of Homeland Security website estimates there are more illegals in Georgia than in Arizona.)

InsiderAdvantage hears that a group of senators including Sen. Tyler Harper, R-Ocilla, are toying with attaching “privileged” driver’s license language to legislation to be slipped through passage during the General Assembly’s final days. They seek more cheap labor for the agricultural industry and want these licenses so illegals can drive to their jobs. The proposed license would display the initials “DP” (driver’s privilege”) and would have language saying it doesn’t establish eligibility for a public benefit nor could it be used for identification. It is modeled after what California established two years ago, where its department of motor vehicles determined what type of documentation or amnesty qualified an illegal alien for such a “DP” license. 

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