Georgia’s Republican Congressional delegation is nearly unanimous in their opposition to the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank. The Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, and the Club for Growth, all conservative powerhouses, oppose the reauthorization and are pressuring legislators hard to vote it down. Heritage Action for America, the PAC arm of the Heritage Foundation, reports eight Georgia Republicans are standing in opposition. The only two Republican holdouts, Buddy Carter (R-GA 01) and Rick Allen (R – GA 12), both Savannah-area representatives, are either outright supporting reauthorization (Carter), or remaining noncommittal (Allen).
D.C.’s House Freedom Caucus is also pushing Republican members to vote down authorization of the bank as it likely comes up in amendment form at the end of July. The likely bill that will be attached to however may make things more difficult. The Senate, where the Ex-Im Bank is receiving much more bipartisan support, is likely to attach the Ex-Im reauthorization to the highway funding bill. The highway funding bill would appropriate nearly $300 billion to be spent over the next six years on the nation’s roads and prevent an interruption to federal infrastructure spending. The importance of the bill would make opposing it due to an amendment a dicey position.


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