On Monday InsiderAdvantage Chairman Matt Towery went on WABE with Dennis O’Hayer to discuss a topic that has gotten a lot of press in recent weeks – the Presidential campaign of business mogul Donald Trump.  Trump has been picking fights with anybody who so much as glances in his direction lately, from making light of John McCain’s credibility as a war hero to giving out Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number during a speech.  Said Towery on the Donald’s campaign, “What he is doing right now is he is soaking all the political oxygen, he’s sucking all of it up and none of the other candidates are even talked about.”

Trump, along with nearly every other major Republican candidate, will be in Atlanta on August 7th-8th to take part in RedState’s candidate forum.  If you don’t have your tickets yet you should probably look to find some before it’s too late, you wouldn’t want to miss out on what promises to be the biggest slugfest since Mayweather-Pacquiao.

Listen to the full interview on the WABE website HERE.


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