A survey of 509 likely South Carolina Republican presidential primary voters shows businessman Donald Trump with 31% of the GOP primary vote if the election were held today. The survey was conducted August 3, 2015 by both phone and mobile devices. It is weighted for age, race and gender. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.3% and a confidence level of 95%.

Former Governor Jeb Bush leads the rest of the candidates at 14% with South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham running behind several candidates.

The results:

Trump: 31 %

Bush: 14%

Carson: 10%

Huckabee: 9%

Graham: 7%

Walker: 6%

Christie: 4%

Cruz: 4%

Kasich: 3%

Fiorina: 2%

Paul: 2%

Rubio: 2%

Jindal: 1%

Pataki, Perry, Santorum: 0%

Other: 3%

Undecided: 2%


Analysis from pollster/columnist Matt Towery of InsiderAdvantage/Creators Syndicate/FOX5 Atlanta:

“OpinionSavvy conducted this poll with our organization in numerous southern states. In most of those states Trump was at thirty percent or above. Jeb Bush generally comes in second place, as is the case in South Carolina. The next tier of candidates who might appeal to Trump’s base, should he falter, range from Dr. Ben Carson at 10% all the way down to Governor Scott Walker at 5%. South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham comes in at would seem a disappointing 7% in his home state. His numbers would rise substantially should he survive early contests in Iowa and New Hampshire. However, for the moment Mr. Trump is stealing even the home state candidate’s thunder in South Carolina.”


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