Celebrations continue in Augusta over the University System Board of Regents shifting gears—after three years of controversy— by renaming Regents University to Augusta University. As one blogger wrote: “It’s a great day for the ‘A.’” Those especially doing a happy dance include perhaps the most persistent advocates of putting “Augusta” back into the university’s name: Augusta Chronicle Publisher Billy Morris and James Hull, the Regent from the home of the famed Masters golf tournament.

After the merger of the Medical College of Georgia and Augusta State University in 2012, the Regents dubbed the new institution Regents University. An outcry and backlash ensued. The Chronicle spoke for many in Georgia’s second largest city when it editorially charged that dropping “Augusta” from the university name is “a slap in the face” and that the new moniker is “completely devoid of meaning.” Many civic leaders spoke out and some worked behind the scenes to “Save the A.” Some regular donors even withheld money to the university in protest, and it didn’t help that then-President Ricardo Aziz vigorously endorsed the Regents name. 

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