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Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp apologized Thursday for a data breach wherein his office distributed files containing protected personal information – including Social Security numbers, drivers license numbers, and birth dates.  Kemp said in his letter posted on the Georgia SoS website, (and which you can read in its entirety below) that the IT employee responsible for the error has been fired, and that all twelve disks of voter information have been retrieved.

Of course the problem is that this information, which provides easily enough data for identity theft, was given out to these twelve recipients via CD’s.  CD’s, those relics of the 2000’s which can be copied by any computer still capable of accepting them with only a few mouse clicks.  Knowing that, it is difficult to see how Kemp can be so “confident no voter’s personal information has been compromised”.  The only confidence he could possibly  have comes from a pinky promise from each of those twelve groups who got the data to begin with, including the Georgia Democratic and Republican parties, that they didn’t simply pop the CD in a computer and make a copy during the 35 days they were in possession before handing them back over to the Secretary of State’s office.

The data breach has already led to a class action lawsuit against Kemp’s office, one that is likely to grow much, much larger as more of the six million voters whose personal information was handed out learn more about the incident.

Not a good look for the Secretary of State, who is said to harbor gubernatorial aspirations in 2018.  Betraying the trust of literally every single voter in the entire state isn’t going to earn him many points on the campaign trail.



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