Despite multiple polls showing widespread support for medical marijuana, including cultivation, Governor Nathan Deal remains opposed to in-state cultivation for medical purposes. The unlikely torchbearer for medical marijuana in Georgia, Rep. Allen Peake, remains in favor of in-state cultivation. It appears this issue may be too big of a stumbling block for Peake to remain as a floor leader for Gov. Deal. Peake has resigned his position, without ever making it to the floor. He also cited some personal business issues as well, and a respect for Governor Deal who Peake said deserved someone willing to completely focus on his agenda.
A poll taken by Opinion Savvy just earlier this month showed overwhelming support for the law passed this year that allows the use of cannabis oil for “certain debilitating illnesses.” Nearly 70% “strongly approved” of the new law and nearly 17% “somewhat approved,”  just shy of 90% approval. When asked if they “support expanding Georgia’s law to permit the production and distribution of cannabis oil for medical purposes under strict regulation and security in Georgia?” the “strongly support” slipped to 68% and the “somewhat support” slipped to closer to 16%. Not 90% approval but nearly 85%.


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