This morning’s InsiderAdvantage article by Gary Reese reporting that the state Republican Party is telling Congressional District convention chairs “not to entertain delegate challenges” from the floor is hotly disputed by some chairmen later contacted by InsiderAdvantage.

The GOP is holding conventions tomorrow in congressional districts across the Peach State where participants select national GOP convention delegates. Naturally, delegates aligned with the Donald Trump and Ted Cruz campaigns are jockeying for coveted national delegate positions and the Trumpites, especially, would like to be able to initiate floor challenges.

District Chairman Brian Burdette of Greensboro, for example, notes every district has its own set of convention rules that must be approved by the convention delegates. “How each district chooses to handle the challenge process is completely up to them,” he says, “as long as it’s in Roberts Rules of Order.”  He further says: “To be clear, the state GOP is not instructing  us to not entertain challenges. At least they haven’t told me that.”

Two other convention chairs also echo Burdette; however, as this is written, other convention chairs aren’t responding to our requests for this information.



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