The headline of the Drudge Report said it all after former Speaker Newt Gingrich’s strong introduction of GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump in Ohio Wednesday night. With an image of Trump and Gingrich together in profile it read simply “Ready for War.”

The former Georgia political leader received a rousing response from thousands who filled a Cincinnati suburban venue to hear Trump. Gingrich, who tangled with then-President Bill Clinton in the 1990s and who used Hillary Clinton’s own version of universal healthcare to take the House in 1994, once again took direct aim at the couple.    

The response prompted news outlets and pundits across the nation to speculate that Trump may well have found his running mate for his November showdown with Hillary Clinton.The resulting press led to a sharp rise in Gingrich’s standing in the various on-line prediction markets, where he is a rising favorite.

Sources tell InsiderAdvantage that Trump wants to keep all parties guessing as to who will be his ultimate choice until the last possible moment. But reportedly a number of GOP leaders who have been holding back support for Trump are ready to fully endorse Trump if Gingrich becomes the choice for VP. One leading Republican put it bluntly. “Newt gives everyone a level of comfort…they know he will be loyal to Trump and that will include helping him navigate the ways of Washington. And that, in turn, makes many of us more comfortable with Donald Trump.”

While a Gingrich pick would not directly deliver any battleground contest, it would likely secure the nation’s ninth largest state,Georgia, which is currently a tight contest for Trump in most polls..In addition, experts suggest, a Gingrich pick could help bolster Trump’s chances in Virginia and Florida, two states where Trump needs “establishment” and “conservative” GOP voters to turn out at strong levels.

Expect Trump to hint at numerous potential choices over the coming days, with an announcement of his final choice likely to come prior to the start of the Cleveland convention.


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