Sure, there may be singular events that can surpass it. If Atlanta ever has a professional sports team that can succeed in the post-season, that might be an example. The SEC Championship certainly brings in a host of people from around the country and from two cities in particular (sadly, usually Tuscaloosa). Music Midtown this year is expected to have the biggest crowds since the festival restarted a few years ago. But there is arguably no weekend quite like Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. There may indeed be no weekend like it in any other American city.

The weekend is a lesson in the niche pieces of American culture in the twenty-first century. The converging of a vast array of hobbies, fandom and identity is perhaps a testament to the city “too busy to hate.” For pretty much everyone, there is at least a little something that may be of interest. And for at least a half a million people this weekend, they will be indulging their interests in Atlanta. 

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