On Thursday, the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) Board approved the toll rates for the new I-75 South Metro Express Lanes. Toll prices will range from $0.10 to $0.90 per mile, with a minimum toll charge for any trip of at least $0.50. The new lanes are set to open on January 28.

The $176 million project amounts to 12 miles of new Express Lanes along I-75 in Clayton and Henry Counties. In a moment of “how did they calculate that?”, studies show that the Express Lanes will amount to 12 minutes of time saved in the year 2035. At the moment, it is unclear what the time savings will be in 2017. The new lanes should also improve the flow of traffic in the regular lanes, savings of nearly 4 minutes (not sure if we have to wait until 2035 for those four minutes). According to SRTA, by the year 2040, there are 7.9 million expected annual trips on the Express Lanes. Also by the year 2040, 100,000 additional commuters should be able to get to the McDonough job center area in one hour or less. 

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