A group of conservatives gathered at the Gold Dome last week to announce the formation of a state group aimed at a seemingly unlikely goal – questioning the alignment of capital punishment with conservative principles. Speakers at the news conference included;

  • State Rep. Brett Harrell, R-Snellville
  • David Burge, fmr. Chairman, Georgia 5th Congressional District Republican Party
  • Richard Lorenc, COO, Georgia-based Foundation for Economic Freedom
  • Austin Paul, Past Co-Chairman of the Mercer University College Republicans
  • Jennifer Maffessanti, Chairwoman, Atlanta Chapter, America’s Future Foundation
  • Marc Hyden, National Coordinator, Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty

Rep. Harrell is concerned about the ability of the government to effectively and efficiently implement any program, “so a health skepticism of our state’s death penalty is warranted.” Harrell noted that he believes the death penalty is both constitutionally and that it can be morally applied. His concerns are based on both his belief in smaller government and as a person of faith. “Many individuals have been wrongly convicted and sentenced to die. Meanwhile, taxpayers are forced to pay for this risky government program, even though it costs far more than life without parole,” said Harrell. 

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