Georgia High School Association member schools will play 49 games against teams from other states this fall, but the growth in those interstate games isn’t just for national exposure. According to one longtime athletic director who has scheduled those games for years, usually it is just to fill out a schedule.

In general, out-of-state opponents are on the schedule of two types of high schools. They appear with state powers and smaller schools near the state line.

For the powerful schools, the games are scheduled to give the school or its players national exposure. Schools pay more attention to national rankings, and it is difficult to move up in the rankings if a school does not have a resume against national powers. Sometimes the games are brokered by third parties, often television networks.  Dexter Wood, longtime AD at Buford High School, has experience with the made-for-TV game. Those games, he said, can be nice and often generate a lot of excitement. But they don’t always generate huge financial windfalls. 

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