The story of the Trojan Horse is one of deception and subjugation.

Greek mythology has it that the ancient Greeks waged war against Troy but their brute strength was not enough to subdue the Trojans. So the Greeks devised a plan that would. They built a large wooden horse designed to be accepted as a gift, put some soldiers inside and left it at the gates of the city. The “gift” was hauled into the protected city.

Gary Wisenbaker

Duped, the Spartans lost their city-state when the soldiers emerged.

Like the Spartans, today’s socialist Democrats have figured out that they cannot overthrow capitalism and impose a socialist state by counting on the proletariat openly revolting against the capitalists, the “business model” of Karl Marx. The American values of patriotism, hard work, honesty and thrift proved resilient.

But the socialist Democrats still needed a plan to divide America to reach their goal.

If the hard left is anything, it’s indefatigable. So they devised a plan so subtly deceptive that it has permeated most higher institutions, corporations and government departments with little or no resistance.

Thus emerged the Critical Social Justice (CSJ) school of thought. CSJ says society is best understood by grouping people who are not straight white males into identifiable blocks and engaging in “identity politics.” Labeling is critical: LGBT, blacks, women, gays, trans, Asians, etc.

CSJ gave birth to Critical Race Theory, or CRT which adds that everything American is racist and has been infused in the very structure of our society. Hence, America is “systemically racist”.

Just as the Trojan horse seemed innocent, CRJ and CRT use pleasant euphemisms such as “equity”, “diversity”, and “inclusion”, among other terms, to describe its agenda and goals.

“Equity”, however, cannot be substituted for “equality” as the terms are very different. Equality is the corner stone of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution meaning that all are equal under the law. CRT teaches that this notion is nothing more than “’mere nondiscrimination’ and provides ‘camouflage’ for white supremacy, patriarchy and oppression”.

Christopher Rofo, a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, explains that to achieve equity, according to CRT proponents, “suspending private property rights, seizing land and wealth, and distributing them along racial lines” would be required. Did anyone say “reparations”?

The identity groups must be re-educated to believe they have been oppressed and that the deconstruction of traditional American mores and institutions is the only way they can advance. In other words, the American “quilt” of American life must be shredded.

The socialist Democrats’ efforts have paid off.

A Wall Street Journal poll posted some disturbing numbers. The poll showed that since 1998 the American view that patriotism was important fell from 70% to 38%; religion,62% to 39%; and tolerance for others, 80% to 58%. The young adults under 30 rated these areas even lower.

This didn’t happen because the parent(s) of the under 30 and younger crowd one day decided that America was bad, was racist and not worth believing in. That this kind of information came from the education establishment, at all levels, is proof positive as evidenced by the WSJ poll.

Consider the joint announcement from Valdosta State University’s Department of Education and the Valdosta City School system when they announced a partnership and that they received a $300,000 grant from Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity to “transform the standards of teacher preparation.” Don’t Communist countries use “re-education camps” to do this?

Branch Alliance of Educator Diversity is headed by Dr. Patricia Alvarez McHatton. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Educator Diversity (there’s that word again) which takes the position that “It is clear to nearly anyone living in the United States today that we never did become a post-racial society. Racial tensions are more heated and visible now than at any point in recent memory.”

Really? You see, systemic racism should be clear to “nearly anyone living” or else you’re a racist.

A black American winning the presidency twice and South Carolina and Georgia electing black U.S. senators must not be post-racist enough. But that’s not the point. The point is division.

And then there’s Valdosta State University, with a 47%-38% white to black student body composition with no history of conflict— a target of its “Office of Student Diversity (that word again) & Inclusion”. Its director recently explained the department’s manifesto and premise as: “”What can really be said to adequately speak to the atrocities of social injustice, police brutality, racism, and division we currently face” presumably in Valdosta. Face? Face where?

While Valdosta State University was busy being “woke” it suffered the second highest enrollment drop among institutions in the University System of Georgia.

VSU and the Valdosta City Schools need to pass on the CRT horse before it’s too late.

Gary Wisenbaker is a REALTOR® at Century 21 Realty Advisors and can be reached at


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