At CareSource, our mission is to make a lasting difference in our members’ lives by improving their whole health and well-being, and we are honored to provide services as one of the state’s Medicaid’s plans serving more than 450,000 Georgians. We work every day to deliver the best possible healthcare coverage to our members and help reduce costs. One exciting way we have been able to do that is through our value-based care program, which ties reimbursement payments for healthcare delivery to the quality of care provided, which incentivizes are better outcomes while decreasing health care costs for Georgians.

To do this, we work with health care providers across the state to implement value-based care initiatives designed to improve health and wellness. Partnering with providers who recognize the importance of offering value-based care has allowed us to increase by 23% the number of members in Georgia who see a provider that participates in a contractual value-based care model. In total, 82% of our Medicaid members see a physician who participates in the value-based care program.

And other results from this program have been tremendous as well. Our most recent data also shows:

CareSource Georgia President Jason Bearden

· Two-times more members are seeing a primary care physician each year.

· Well child visits increased by 44%, and preventative dental visits increased by 10%.

· The amount of value-based care incentives payments to health care providers nearly doubled.

· Emergency room visits decreased by 16%.

· Member costs were reduced by 28%.

We have also placed an emphasis on improving maternal and infant health through our value-based care model. The program includes well child visits for the first 30 months, which over 24,500 members accessed, as well as prenatal and postpartum care. Timeliness of prenatal care increased by 15% for those who see a provider in a value-based care model, compared to those who do not, and child and adolescent well-care visits increased by nearly 14%.

We currently have nine value-based care models available to our provider partners, and we will continue to build on this success by expanding this program across the state, which has the ability to dramatically improve healthcare outcomes in Georgia and serve as a model for the future.

By incentivizing and rewarding partners who provide high-quality, cost-effective care, we are improving health outcomes for our members. CareSource will continue working around the clock to use innovative approaches to lowering costs and delivering the best possible healthcare outcomes to our members across Georgia.

Jason Bearden is the president of CareSource Georgia 


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