For all of 2023 we have been reporting on what Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum describes as “a national network” of various violent radicals and Communists who are organizing and continuously attacking property, equipment, workers and law enforcement at the city’s police training center construction site. 

In March we reported that the vice president of an Atlanta media nonprofit was unmasked as a violent Antifa extremist and organizer of an armed militant camp. “River-Michael Les Sewell, 25, has repeatedly boasted about using his prior experience in the United States armed forces to teach his fellow far-left radicals how to inflict violence on those with opposing points of view, namely anyone who supports the city’s new police training facility,” we quoted investigative journalist Andy Ngo. The journalist found that Sewell openly “advocates for killing political opponents” and has repeatedly expressed support for domestic terrorist gunman Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, who was killed after seriously wounding a police officer when law enforcement raided a so-called “Stop Cop City” encampment located next to the construction site. 

 Now, thanks to a diary kept by Teran, Atlantans and Georgians are learning more about how deep his terrorist inclination actually was. In fact, state Attorney General Chris Carr is looking to have Teran’s inflammatory diary admitted into evidence in the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) case involving five dozen of the domestic terrorists who have wreaked havoc in Georgia for over a year. 

Teran’s diary ramblings are replete with phrases such as “Cop cars love being on fire,” “Prisons were built to be burnt down,” “Burn police vehicles” and “Kill cops.” A crude diary sketch shows a figure in a black mask shooting at a pig with a police hat on. “Pew, pew, pew,” reads the dialogue above the masked figure, while the pig says “Oink, oink” as blood spews from its mouth. 

The AJC’s Bill Torpy shared even more about the diary in a November 26 opinion piece (scooping even his own newsroom), including an entry in which Teran wrote about what his friends should do if law enforcement officers killed him. 

“If the cops kill me, I want you to riot, burn down their stations, and set their cars alight. Know that I went out fighting and ask we all could have peace and be free,” Teran wrote. 

“If the cops kill me I want you to riot, to kill as many of them as you can,” he added. “They are terrorists.” 

A left-wing, anti-white, anti-capitalist ideology is deeply intertwined in the diary. “I have helped people and will hopefully inspire others to do more mutual aid without getting assassinated,” Teran wrote. “My exit strategy is to keep resisting fascism, ecocide and the damn capitalist heteropatriarchy.” 

In another entry, Teran gave his justification for calling for the deaths of law enforcement officers. He wrote, “Killing cops is okay! Killing people is generally a bad thing. Fascists and cops count as people but killing them is morally and ethically just because they are threats to the survival of many people.” And he hailed the idea of “Dead cops! Dead cops everywhere.” 

Says one law enforcement source to James Magazine Online: “Don’t fall for the myth that those protesting the public safety training center are just innocent environmental crusaders. All too many are domestic terrorists. No wonder Attorney General Carr is proceeding with a RICO prosecution.” 


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