Can buzzwords win elections? They can if the words are ‘Obamacare’ and ‘unfunded mandates.’ The GOP in Georgia has already started a media carpet-bombing campaign with a TV ad in support of Gov. Nathan Deal. It ties Jason Carter to Obamacare, not so much with damning words as with dark, creepy visual tones and an ominous voice. Standard fare.

To date Carter has skated along, not having to say or do much except not be Nathan Deal. That just changed. Too ill-defined as a candidate, he’s already been caught flat-footed by some political pros, who are only too happy to define him on their terms instead of his. And Michelle Nunn is already wounded by implication, even before the Jack Kingston-David Perdue winner trains his guns on her and her at least tacit support of Obamacare.

Support or loath the federal Affordable Care Act – Obamacare – there’s simply no denying that it is political deadweight in 2014 Georgia politics. Polls show a majority of Georgians continue to hold an unfavorable opinion of the ACA, by some 25 points more than the percentage of those who favor it. The issue has the potential to neutralize anything else positive the Democrats can bring to the fight this fall. 

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