In 2014 and beyond, the Republican Party faces a wide gap among younger voters that must be addressed if the party is to maintain its current level of dominance in Georgia and make gains nationally going forward. Recognizing this and that new media are powerful communication tools for younger voters, the Republican National Committee is investing in developing digital media, but the GOP remains solidly behind the Democrats.

This week, President Barack Obama has demonstrated again that his organization is in the lead in the use of social media to reach out to younger voters. The latest social medium to host Obama is Tumblr, which the President used this week to promote his plan to raise taxes to pay for breaks on student loans. From the Washington Times:

The bill, put forth by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Democrat, would allow many of the 40 million Americans carrying college debt to refinance their federal loans under today’s interest rates, potentially saving them hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year.

To make up for the money lost to the federal government, the legislation would raise taxes on wealthy Americans, and the president called on young people to lead the charge. 

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