To many political observers, the month after a primary battle, particularly one with such a long pause between any runoff contests, seems a natural time to kick back and reset for the coming battles. But it isn’t.

In many ways Jack Kingston’s only active and visible opponent is the news media. And while the stories about an ex-felon and bonus money being converted into campaign donations might seem compelling to journalists, it is having little if no impact on GOP activists or likely voters. Even the most ardent of ethics champions such as state Senator Josh McKoon (R-Columbus) seem to doubt the impact on Kingston.

While Jack Kingston has amassed endorsements, and ads promoting his candidacy have flooded the airwaves post-primary, the David Perdue camp has been relegated to “earned media.” Suddenly the man who struck first and so brilliantly with his TV ads has gone silent.

And if David Perdue remains off of TV for another week or so his race may well be over. That’s because the end of June quickly morphs into the Fourth of July, which lands on a Friday this year. That timing will effectively lure the entire state into a holiday trance from about the Wednesday prior to Independence Day until Monday July 7. Anyone who has ever run political ads during that time period knows that they are useless, and if they are run as an attack ad on an opponent, they can smack of being somewhat unpatriotic dirty pool.

And Perdue must go negative, hard negative, to defeat Kingston in a runoff in which voter turnout will be heavily in Kingston’s favor.

So the question is that of Perdue’s desire to keep spending his own money. And moreover, how to spend it.

If David Perdue returns to the airwaves the week of July 7, it is just possible that he won’t be attacking Kingston with gusto. That’s because Perdue and his backers may already have realized that their candidate’s true future may well rest in the same office David Perdue’s cousin held. 

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