If polls are a snapshot in time, then the time may not be ripe for a wholly accurate polling assessment of the governor’s race. Georgia’s political community might do well to keep that in mind as it views a new poll released Thursday by WSB-TV/Landmark polling that shows Democrat Jason Carter with a stunning 49 percent to 41 percent lead over incumbent Republican Gov. Nathan Deal.

The poll is likely spot-on, or close to it, as far as it goes. Landmark does commendable work, and in fact polls a good deal for Republicans, so there’s no reason to suspect this latest survey is a push poll. (It was our own InsiderAdvantage polling in March that first showed Jason Carter might have a legitimate shot at winning the Governor’s Mansion, so we’re the last ones to dismiss polls that show Carter leading.)

But it’s probably wise to consider the timing of the poll – just two days after a report that offered more allegations that the governor’s office tried to stifle an ethics investigation on Deal by attempting to intimidate a key state ethics official. 

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