Oh to be young again! There is little wrong, and much to look forward to, in your late thirties. You are full of ambition and energy, and you usually are surrounded by a young family with promises of lots of happy times to come.

The only time being 38 or 39 is a burden is when you are running for a job like governor. Then it becomes a slight negative. First, you appear young to many voters, and some just can’t accept such a young person governing a state that in recent years has produced substantially older leaders. More importantly is that at such a young age, it is more difficult to get those young staffers and advisors to follow your lead as the candidate and boss.

As I head into what I expect to be the last Georgia race for governor that I will actively cover, poll or analyze, I realize how quickly those youthful years fly by. I find myself often telling stories of the early 1990s, somehow stuck in my thirty-something days. 

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