ATLANTA — A pair of new ads are coming to screens across the state for two candidates for governor.
Wednesday, both Republican Nathan Deal’s campaign and Libertarian Andrew Hunt announced their commercials. Hunt’s is his first so far.

Deal is continuing his theme of jobs by highlighting the benefits of the state’s ranking by multiple national media outlets as the No. 1 place to do business. Entitled “What Does No. 1 Mean for Georgians,” the 30-second spot features the governor walking through factories and work sites, a barrage of television news clips announcing jobs, and then Deal facing the camera.
“People now have hope,” he said. “Jobs are coming to their communities.”

But Democrat Jason Carter’s campaign lost no time in attacking it for glossing over the state’s growing income gap and unemployment rate that’s second-worst in the nation.

“The evidence shows Georgia is falling behind other states. With 370,000 Georgians out of work, our state ranks 50th in unemployment, and far too many of the jobs being created in this economy pay low wages,” said Carter spokesman Bryan Thomas. “If Gov. Deal thinks this is the best we can do, then it’s clear that Georgia needs new leadership and a new vision for our state.”

The Democrats point out that states like Florida and North Carolina had similar jobless rates as Georgia’s when Deal’s term began, but both have lower rates now. And they stress that those joining payrolls in Georgia are more often in lower-paid positions or part-time.

Carter’s strategy for reversing those trends is to boost spending on K-12 education.

The Hunt ad also talks about education and jobs. It argues that low primary turnout was due to voter frustration with Republicans and Democrats, offering Libertarians as a third option. It calls for less regulation, prison reform and job creation.
The party’s modest budget only covers running it on cable systems in Savannah, Macon and Atlanta’s northern suburbs where the donors funding it live.

“I would love to be doing it in the other areas,” said Libertarian Chairman Doug Craig.

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