Georgia Republicans have given state Democrats a powerful rallying cry with voter fraud allegations and opposition to Sunday voting.

Last week, state Secretary of State Brian Kemp leveled the fraud claims against the New Georgia Project, a voter registration effort led by Democratic State Rep. Stacey Abrams. Republican State Sen. Fran Millar drew fire for criticizing DeKalb County’s announcement that it would allow early voting on Sunday, Oct. 26.

The GOP actions received intense national media attention, including articles on progressive Web sites Salon and Slate and MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow’s Facebook page. The pieces, by writers ranging from Salon’s Joan Walsh to Esquire’s Charles Pierce, accuse Kemp and Millar of voter suppression efforts to thwart strong Democratic campaigns by Michelle Nunn for the U.S. Senate and Jason Carter for governor.

The national articles saw Kemp and Millar’s actions as part of a national GOP effort to suppress minority voting. AJC columnist Jay Bookman took a similar stance, calling Kemp’s efforts politically motivated and without foundation.

Targeting a project of Abrams, one of the Democrats’ top black women, also gives the GOP “bad optics,” matching perceptions that Republicans oppose women. 

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