The next nine days will provide a great deal of insight into the backbone of congressional Republicans on immigration, protecting American workers, the rule of law and their will to preserve the Constitution they swore to obey and protect. Voters looking ahead to 2016 should pay close attention.

With stagnant wages and painful unemployment, President Barack Obama wants to give work permits, Social Security numbers and tax breaks to “undocumented workers.”

With funding to run the government set to run out on December 11, curious working-class Americans are watching to see if leadership will use “the power of the purse” to stop Obama’s illegal deferred action amnesty for 4-6 million illegal aliens— or if they quietly capitulate to the will of big business and government by decree.

What we have here is a perfect situation in which the Establishment Republicans will show middle America if the media stereotype of the GOP being the “party of the rich and big business” is true – or not.

The legislative tools are in place and Georgia’s own Congressman Dr. Tom Price (R) has come up with a very convincing alternative to the choice between surrender and shutting down the entire federal government. It is being called “the Price Plan.” Price is the incoming chairman of the powerful House Budget Committee. His plan to “un-fund” Obama’s end-run around Congress on the current amnesty attempt should be implemented if Republicans are serious about growing their political tent to include “Joe-Middle-Class-Worker.”

Reports from Washington don’t look good for leadership’s courage so far.

From this writer’s perspective, it looks like the Republican leadership assumption is that:

A) Americans are too stupid to see that the GOP has the power to stop the amnesty.

B) And/or Average Americans are too stupid to realize if the Republicans stand up to the Emperor and there were any kind of shut-down, it would be because Obama wants amnesty for millions of illegal aliens much more than he wants to keep the United States government running.

With the whole world watching, Republicans should defer action on Obama’s illegal amnesty and re-take power. They should recognize that Obama is just getting started on the goal of open borders. And the entire GOP needs to answer a simple question: Considering the natural laws of supply and demand, if we indeed have a “labor shortage,” why aren’t wages going up?

With howls of “not one more deportation,” the angry, corporate-funded amnesty screamers were back on the streets of America (including Atlanta) less than 24 hours after Obama gave his stop-enforcement command two weeks ago. They are still demanding that American immigration laws be “deferred” for all illegal aliens.

And they always will.


King is president of the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society and an independent voter Twitter: @DAKDIS


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