The Atlanta Braves released a series of images Tuesday showing off the planned mixed-use development area that will be constructed outside of Suntrust Park.  You can expect the ballpark standards – a merchandise store, a couple of bars, some chain restaurants, and some sort of ‘play-center’ for the younger fans.  Presumably there will be a hotel, (or two) for those making their pilgrimages from the far reaches of Braves country as well as an office building for Braves front office personnel.

So basically, an office park.  Similar to what you might find amidst a tech company’s campus in Alpharetta, albeit with a bit more flair.  Braves fans will be able to have their pick of one of the half dozen chain restaurants available, and if Applebees or Chilis don’t float your boat I’m sure a couple $8 beers from the local ‘brewpub’ will get you loosened up enough to go watch the team actually play baseball.  That is why you came to the park after all…. right? 

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