In what can only be described as an embarrassment for John Boehner, the vote for speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives made history on Tuesday when 25 members of his own Republican Party opposed him. It could have been much worse.

If you believe campaign promises, the margin would have been even wider– perhaps enough to have gone to a second ballot. A second ballot for speaker apparently hasn’t happened since 1923 and would have opened floodgates of opposition from the less courageous opposition members.

With voting occurring shortly after being sworn in, the entire Georgia GOP House delegation supported Boehner– despite primary campaign vows to the contrary from some newcomers. Some are forever on Youtube with those vows.

The way Boehner challenger Rep. Louie Gomert tells it, the votes to force a second ballot were there right up to the initial balloting. Gomert told Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity that some anti-Boehner members backed off under threats, promises and arm-twisting from the Boehner camp. 

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