Common Cause Georgia, the self-styled watchdog group, has long touted itself as “non-partisan and independent.” Many Republicans have disputed that claim but, on Monday, the left-wing national organization validated those critics with a sudden Stalinist-style purge of two Georgia board members.

Former state lawmaker Bob Irvin, a Republican from Buckhead, and Terry Taylor, a Democrat from Smyrna, were unceremoniously ousted. Two other independent-minded board members then resigned in protest. A statement by the four sent to InsiderAdvantage bluntly declares:

“We are leaving the board because we are moderates and conservatives and we are no longer welcome in the newly defined, ideological Common Cause created by the new national (CCDC) president, Miles Rapoport. All four of us are also calling on both CCDC and CCGA to stop falsely describing themselves as ‘non-partisan.’” 

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