The upcoming Georgia GOP Convention is always quite the event for local politicos, a place to see and be seen by the state’s foremost names and figures.  It’s a time for local candidates to introduce themselves to the activist contingent of the party, for the party to elect its own leadership, determine and state its platform amidst heated debate, (RFRA anyone?).  It is a local affair for the ruling party in Georgia, a weekend of inside baseball that typically doesn’t draw much attention from the outside world.  With 2016 looming though, that notion is thrown out the window.

This Friday a veritable who’s who of Presidential hopefuls will converge upon the Classic City, each wanting to pump up their Conservative credentials and build up some early momentum in a state with ever-increasing national clout.  With a moved up Primary coinciding with a handful of other Southern states, Georgia and its 76 national delegates are more vital than ever.   

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