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A survey of 590 registered voters in Georgia virtually mirrors a poll of South Carolina voters released earlier today.

The survey asked respondents: “The NAACP has recently called to remove all confederate emblems from courthouse squares in Georgia. What is your opinion of this call?

Approve: 51%

Disapprove: 43%

Undecided: 6%

The survey was a combined phone and online survey. It was conducted Monday evening and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4%.

FOX 5 Political Analyst Matt Towery: Republicans disapproved by 57%, with much of that coming from men. Women were far more supportive of a ban (59%) as were Democrats (76%). In reality this will likely be an issue that the few counties involved in such displays will have to deal with individually, I don’t see this as a major legislative matter since Georgia removed the confederate battle flag from its state flag many years ago.”


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