On a Sept. 11 WGST Atlanta talk radio show, free-lance writer/researcher George Chidi spoke of his visit to ground zero in DeKalb County where, in spite of praise by some charities for longtime refugee resettlement in the Clarkston area, he witnessed a Third World nightmare. He discovered what he describes as a semi-burned out condominium complex, run by a Somali refugee gang, where poor squatters and residents on welfare live in appalling conditions and where police are rarely seen. Chidi said his brief report is just a preview of a more in-depth journalism piece he is working on for future publication.

Chidi notes that his findings tie together various strands: too many refugees settling in this DeKalb area, with a resulting rise in welfare, terrible or non-existent zoning and code enforcement, slumlords, and the many levels of government that are supposed to deal with these issues yet are turning a blind eye to terrible conditions. The refugees from Somalia and other Third World countries, settled and concentrated in the Clarkston area year after year by charities that are paid by the federal government to bring them in, are obviously being failed. So are Georgia residents and taxpayers. 

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