In a story picked up by Patch that originally appeared in the New York Times, Georgia is home to two of the country’s “megadonors”, defined as donors who have given at least $250,000  to candidates or Super PACs in this election cycle. The two men in question are well known in Georgia and around the country – Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot, and John C. Cushman, chairman of the prominent real estate services company Cushman and Wakefield. Marcus is reported as having given $1.6 million and Cushman comes in at a relatively paltry $302,700.

The New York Times piece spent a little time on the background of some of the donors and where their money was going but did not actually detail the spending of each donor. Besides the money totals, it was unclear where Misters Marcus and Cushman were directing that money. Researching however, led to the answer. 

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