Yesterday was a busy news day regarding the issue of refugee resettlement in Georgia.  In the early afternoon, this writer along with other media representatives toured with DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester and a DeKalb policeman the crime-infested refugee slum complex known as Brannon Hill. Jester vowed to work with other DeKalb commissioners to try to immediately clean up the area marred by residents and squatters living in unsafe places where debris and garbage is scattered about and gangs rule the roost.

Jester says that DeKalb County– one of the federal government’s main dumping ground for Third World refugees– can’t handle another influx and that the squalid conditions typified by Brannon Hill are a main reason why.


DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester talks with refugees who settled in the crime- ridden Brannon Hill area. (Note the Hillary Clinton shirt worn by one of the Somali men.)

Later that afternoon Gov. Nathan Deal issued an executive order barring the latest wave of Syrian refugees from settlement in Georgia.  He also called upon President Obama to suspend the resettlement program in the United States. (Since 2012, Deal has demanded that the federal government limit the number of refugees sent to the Peach State.)

“In light of the terror attacks in Paris, I’ve issued an executive order directing state agency heads to prevent the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Georgia,” said Deal. “Further, I call upon the Obama administration to work with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security to confirm the backgrounds of the 59 Syrian refugees recently resettled to ensure they do not pose a security threat to our citizens. Until the federal government and Congress conduct a thorough review of current screening procedures and background checks, we will take every measure available to us at the state level to safeguard the safety of Georgians.”

You can read the governor’s executive order here.



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