Weather forecast for tonight: Dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning. – George Carlin

Carlin may have been joking about weather forecasts but December has certainly seen a lot of interest in the meteorological field. The drought of years ago that saw Governor Sonny Perdue praying for rain on the steps of the Gold Dome seems a distant memory. December this year more likely conjures up the great Southern term “frog-strangler.”

Atlanta is on the cusp of breaking a near 100-year-old record for rainfall in the final month of the year. In 1919, Atlanta got 12.91 inches of rain and by late Wednesday was at 12.2 inches. December this year is already going to break the record for warmest ever and the rain record might come with it. In 1889, (apparently weather experts do trust the thermometers from then) December recorded an average temperature of 57.2°, this year the average temp is 57.5°. 

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